Research on Cholesterol and Statins

Introductory Explanation

My lack of concern about my “high LDL-C” and “high total cholesterol” and my decision not to take statins is based on many hours of reading and research. This research has led me to conclude that:

  1. Lowering cholesterol may not be desirable [1 page]. — As PDF.
  2. High cholesterol is neutral or beneficial for the elderly [1 page]. — As PDF.
  3. There are valid challenges to the cholesterol hypothesis [1 page]. — As PDF.
  4. There are other surrogate markers than total cholesterol or LDL-C [1 page]. — As PDF.
  5. Statins offer minimal or no benefit for primary prevention [2 pages]. — As PDF.

PDF version of the document.

These pages were added in April, 2019.